Sketching in the wild

#Sktchy30 #Day27 and I think 116 for the…I have it written down…The Prompt today for Sktchy 30 is success.  Success comes in many forms. My high school’s motto, several decades ago….is “Vincit qui se vincit.” “She conquers who conquers herself.” Success is getting out of your own way.  Success is being brave. It takes guts … More Sketching in the wild

The dance of line

I did this today in a sketchbook that is very basic, it isn’t great paper, it has prompts on the pages…I call it my grunge or junk sketchbook….this one usually doesn’t see the outside of the studio…I have several sketchbooks like this.  These are where the grunt work and exploration meets creative thought.  I don’t … More The dance of line

Today’s sketches

Good evening folks! FYI to my blog followers: I want to say thank you for following my blog.  I appreciate you! I will be showing my appreciation soon with some changes that I am working on.  Stay tuned for that!  My Twitter and Instagram will each have their own exclusive “thing” as well.    I … More Today’s sketches