Sktchy # 84 & 85

Pen & ink, Sketches, Sktchy, Tombow, Watercolor

Here is today’s sketch done with watercolor….I liked the way the light fell on the headstones…

This is last night’s sketch that I was too tired to post….I did post it on Sktchy last night but ran out of steam and fell asleep….

Today’s sketch

Hand Lettering, Pen & ink, Sketches, Sktchy, Watercolor

National Puppy Day….most of my gear is packed in the trunk of the car so I did this with what I had with me…..the more we travel with our Chihuahuas, the more I wish we had an RV.

This is very loosely done….we just checked into our hotel a short time ago and I need to get some sleep before our final leg to NY.  I wanted to make sure I got my daily Sktchy done, we were packing and running around cleaning the Florida house before we hit the road…. At least the woman, who’s reference photo this pup belongs to, likes the sketch!

Today’s sktchy #77

Colored pencil, Gouache, Pen & ink, Sketches, Sktchy, Tombow

The thinker….I just liked the hair on this woman and I had a little time so I worked on this with a Bic cristal, goauche and colored pencil.  I did this in my morning pages which is why there is a border around the sketch.

Sktchy #76

Pen & ink, Sketches, Sktchy, Tombow

A play on “Sixth sense”….I figured this door facade witnesses some pretty interesting things, like tourists that act like they left their brains and common sense at home….hence the cynical quote.