Today’s Sketches Part II

Yay!  I finished up a sketchbook today!  After I came home from the Hamptons Coffee shop in Aquabogue, I went out to sketch at Barnes and Noble with a friend.  It was starting to snow on the way up and I almost turned around.  I sketched for a little bit but it was starting to snow harder so I packed up and left.

I did a sketch of two people, one behind the other. The one in the back was a woman who was wearing a gown.  My friend and I were dying to know why she was wearing the gown (or very long skirt).  She was reading in the same spot for a while which enabled both of us to sketch just the woman in the long skirt/gown.  Her male companion (husband, boyfriend,friend, family member?) came over to get her and he wasn’t as dressed up as she was.  So the plot thickened.  My friend left with her husband to go get something to eat and I jumped ship because it was snowing harder.   It was a fun sketch outing because of the mystery with the woman’s outfit.

Good sketch Day.




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