Getting closer to the Prom….

April 19,   So, today at lunch, a bunch of the girls were discussing accessories for the Prom and the subject came up with the theme “The Grand Ball” and how debutantes, movie stars, princesses and queens wear tiaras.  I am not sure if I love the idea or totally hate it.  And my dress has gold in it and the majority of tiaras are silver.  So when I got home, I started looking at tiaras on line.  Steph came in and she asked what I was doing so Intold her.  SURPRISE!  She sat down to help me and totally loved the idea.  She even suggested that I talk to Cinderella Grandmom about it.  She thinks that Cinderella Grandmom would love the idea.  I called her and not only did she love the idea, she said she’ll buy it for me.  So I am wearing a tiara to the Prom.



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