IFJM Day 22

Sometimes the best medicine is conversation….otherwise the sky will always be falling….

April 22,  so it was quiet today at school, girls were discussing prom stuff.  Sally was coordinating the carriage ride, a couple of my friends still need to pick up items for their outfits.  Dad asked if I wanted a poofier skirt for my gown and the dress fitter made a few suggestions for a slip. I am not sure if I want it to be poofy, but I should probably wear a slip.  We also discussed gloves and were they necessary.   In the meantime,  I asked dad how his “date” went.  He said it was ok.  No magic there but it was nice to have coffee with someone.  He said he’ll probably just be friends with the lady.  She really wasn’t his type.   In the meantime, Melissa and Steph have been having meltdowns and constructing all worse case scenarios.  If the idiots would just sit down with their dad, they’d realize they had nothing to worry about.



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