Some good news

I am honored that I was asked to do this year’s Fall Festival logo for the Great Patchogue website. They wanted something that was done as a sketch and after several different designs, we settled on the black background with the colors that are being used this year’s PAC event. I had fun doing it. Yes, it was done freehand (I have bits of the pieces of the design in my sketchbooks, LOL) and was scanned by Bellport Arts and Framing (I had trouble scanning the orange on my home PC). I decided on doing the logo the old fashioned way so it would legitimately be a “sketch.” The Sketch Club will be out and about, sketching as usual; look for us at events like the Breakfast Crawl 3.0, The Eggs Strike Back. #sketchbookskool #artforall #sktchy #visualjournal #sketchbook #sketch #ginalento

#illustratedjournaling #artistoninstagram #Dailyart #sktchyapp #art #artist #artists #draw #drawing #Drawings #doodlersanonymous #greaterpatchogue #greaterpatchoguechamberofcommerce 


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