Today is November 1st 

And today is the start of Art Every Day Month.   I was doing this long before Inktober.  Inktober is a cool idea, however, you are restricted to ink.    No markers, watercolor, etc.  The nice thing about Art Every Day Month (AEDM) is I am free to choose whatever media strikes my fancy.  I can just do sketches at a coffee shop, or life drawing class and it counts.   I can show a photo of a work in progress that I did that day and it counts!   The whole idea is to spend some time doing ANYTHING creative.  I actually feel less stressed about AEDM.  😂

For those of you that want to try it, sign up here:

One way that I remember to fulfill AEDM, or even Inktober, is to put a daily reminder on my phone.  Then the obnoxious red reminder is there until I remove it.  Quite effective, actually.

So, here are some AEDM photos for you.

I did a quote this morning to keep my lettering practices going.

I also took a workshop with Leslie Wood and I finished a sketchbook with her technique.  Liked it so much that I took a handmade Teesha style sketchbook that was going nowhere and reworked it.  I took it apart and repainted the backgrounds.  Reassembled it with good book binding thread and here it is waiting to be used.


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