It’s a great Day

I woke up this morning feeling that it was time to take action.  Avoid those in the media who are not helping anything. Basically, doing my part one step at a time.

The sketch below is a repeat but I felt it summed things up.

If you like what I have to say and my thoughts, please share them and let’s all work together.

“It’s a great day in America.”

Here’s what I am going to do as my part in making America great again. I believe we all can work together to make America great. The leader of the country manages it to the best of their ability but it is up to us to make it all work. No manager or CEO wants to hear complaints or people whining. What they like and respect are people who present ideas and solutions. Instead of complaining, how about submitting ideas to Mr Trump to make America great? He said he wants to tap our potential. Let’s show the world we CAN be great. Instead of protesting, how about community Focus groups. Sit down and come up with ideas to solve problems and work with our politicians. Request an audience and try to find common ground. STOP watching the media. Stop fighting among each other. Today is the first day of “It’s a great day in America!” How about we start with everyone smiling and just saying “hello” to each other. #greatdayinamerica #payitforward


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