Sketchy #92 – Relax and recharge

Today’s #sktchy30 was about relaxing and recharging your batteries.  There was some good info about how our brains need to recharge and I decided that I will probably start taking Sundays off from posting and technology.  Not sure if I want to start right away or wait until the end of the month.  There are five Sundays in April this year…..I’ll keep you posted.

Today’s sketch was done in my morning pages. I didn’t number it and I think I might upload this one to Procreate to tweak and use for other stuff.  It was inspired by the email that was sent this morning about relaxing and for some reason the hammock popped into my head.  And I found a Sktchy reference photo to go with it….the Karma all fit.

So take the advice and take today off….


Reminder, this is being formally “published” on WordPress.  COPYRIGHT


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