This and that….

I have been a busy bee the past few days!  I have tackled a few projects and sketches and have been too tired to write a blog post.  

First, some of you may be curious about an artist’s studio.  I have a small studio.  I wish it was larger but I am just happy that I have one….

Welcome…as you walk through the door the first thing you see is my desk….that’s the Jersey Devil done by Rik Viola, a fellow artist.

Close up of my desk

Just left of my desk is my pink chair….John sits there when he comes in to hang out….the footstool is left over from when I shattered my ankle….I still use it.  The drafting table is where I do larger water media and such…the room has a nice big window that is facing west so the light is pretty consistant until the sun drops in the afternoon.  I adjust the lighting as necessary.

I have a TV….my pastel easel is underneath.  The huge table in front is what John built for me.  It stores all my paper on shelves underneath and it is on wheels so I can move it around.

Back view of the table and now you can see the door plus some paintings 

My desk from another angle.

Yesterday, the huge table in use….a bookmaking project.

The two books on the right are the ones that were being made.

Tonight’s sketches, the Long Island Dock Jumpers were out practicing….

Last night’s sketch that I didn’t post


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