Sketching Out

We went out to dinner last night and as we were debating healthy options, I sketched the little old man at the bar on the left page.  Eventually he paid his tab and left.  I wondered why he was drinking alone.

  I started to work on the rest of the bar when a couple came in and sat down right where I had already drawn the tree that was in the middle of the bar, and the bar stools.  So I drew the couple over top of the previous drawing, but I had to do the woman in colored pencil because the tree was there first. I left her with color and the rest black and white because it seemed to suit the sketch the way I did it.

This sketchbook is the first one I ever made.  I had it tucked in a shelf and I thought it was time to use it.   I carry this one in my hand bag with limited supplies so that I always having something on hand if I want to sketch.


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