Serendipity kitty

Today’s kitty is a lesson in Serendipity. In the world of an artist, serendipity means several things. Aside from being at the right place at the right time, serendipity also applies to the “happy accidents that occur in our work. We’re plugging along on a piece and something happens to alter the work. Paint spills, water droplets cause “blooms,” you are inking something and the pens skips on the paper, etc.At that moment, the artist can see their art in a different way and a “eureka!” happens. Some of the greatest accomplishments were caused by serendipity or a happy accident.Today’s kitty is meditating in front of a background that is an intentional serendipity piece. Many thanks to Carla Sonheim and the Rightbraininess daily prompt, for the word, serendipity.


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