Delft Blue

Today I had to drop off a bunch of paintings for a show/clothesline sale in East Hampton, NY. I rode with a friend and was not prepared to stay out there and sketch. All I had in my handbag was one of my Lamy Safari’s that was filled with blue ink. I picked up a Strathmore packet of postcards and sketched with the blue ink. Hey, sometimes you just have to use whatcha have.

It is a little ironic that I had blue ink and an East End iconic windmill was in front of me in a region that was settled by the Dutch (and English.). I felt like the Dutch Boy ad.

As I said, I made do with what I had on hand. It’s totally unlike me to leave the house without my sketch gear, but I proved the point that there is no excuses why a sketch cannot be done, anywhere, anytime…grab anything and sketch!


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