Sketching Out

We went out to dinner last night and as we were debating healthy options, I sketched the little old man at the bar on the left page.  Eventually he paid his tab and left.  I wondered why he was drinking alone.   I started to work on the rest of the bar when a couple … More Sketching Out

Catching up….

With family life being busy, I haven’t been posting much.  I am trying to knock out these post first thing in the morning so they are done for the day. I painted this in my sketchbook last week.  I was out with the PALS plein air folks and we went to the Peconic Herb Garden. … More Catching up….

Strawberry rocks

Sometimes as artists, we need to put our skills into something that we didn’t quite go to art school to learn how to do. We have a large strawberry patch in our yard.  Last year, it was attacked by local wildlife.  I looked up home remedies and one suggestion was painting strawberry rocks to put … More Strawberry rocks