Flo’s Blue Point

This evening I went out with my sketch club and we sketched Flo’s in Blue Point. Flo’s has grown from this location, to three locations and a food truck. Flo’s BP is a popular summer spot and we sketch there every year. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get this sketch in….the sky … More Flo’s Blue Point

Tuxedo kitty

They call the black kitties with a dash of white under the neck, tuxedo cats. My mom’s cat Barney, is a tuxedo cat and looks a little like this one. I know she’ll be excited when she sees this and she’ll think it’s her cat, lol.

Serendipity kitty

Today’s kitty is a lesson in Serendipity. In the world of an artist, serendipity means several things. Aside from being at the right place at the right time, serendipity also applies to the “happy accidents that occur in our work. We’re plugging along on a piece and something happens to alter the work. Paint spills, … More Serendipity kitty